Sveccha Projects

Here, you will find a brief description of the projects that we are either working on currently or have targetted initially. This is by no means an exhaustive list but, as an when we take up new projects, we will list them here.


GNOME is a graphical desktop environment for the Linux and Unix environments. In addition, the GNOME project also provides a development environment and a framework that applications can use to integrate with the desktop. It is Free Software and is supported by big companies like Red Hat, MandrakeSoft, Novell, Sun, HP and is developed primarily by volunteers from across the world.


KDE, like GNOME, provides both a desktop environment and a development environment. In addition, both GNOME and KDE provide applications including Office Application Suites. KDE is also developed primarily by worldwide volunteers.

As part of the Sveccha project, we intend to localise both GNOME and KDE.


Pango provides a framework for the rendering and layout of international text. GNOME uses Pango extensively to render all widgets. There is a project underway to use Pango to render text in Mozilla.

Currently, there is no support for Telugu in Pango. This will be taken up as a priority project within Sveccha.


Mozilla is an Open Source suite of applications that includes a browser, an email reader, an HTML composer and an address book. It is fast, runs on all platforms, is standards compliant and is an alternative to Internet Explorer.

Currently, there is no Telugu version of Mozilla.

Open Office

Open Office is an Open Source suite of Office applications that includes a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software. It runs on all platforms, can import files stored in Microsoft Office formats and is a free alternative to Microsoft Office.

Currently, there is no Telugu version of OpenOffice.


We need a good Telugu-English-Telugu online dictionary. The dictionaries available currently are out-of-date and do not include a lot of modern words. There is an effort underway by the Andhra Pradesh Adhikara Bhasha Sangham to incorporate lot of English words into Telugu and to update Telugu vocabulary. As part of Sveccha, we intend to supplement that effort by coming up with Telugu terms in the Software field through community effort.