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Here are translations of various terms of gnomeglossary.po . Translations for some of the terms are still unknown. We invite you to contribute to this effort. You can do this by filling out the "Suggested Translation" box next to the item for which you know a translation; alternatively you can also email a list of translations to us. Since this is a community effort, the more the number of people that are involved in this, the faster we can get this done. Thank you for your co-operation.

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Original String Comment Translated String Suggested Translation(s)
abort To terminate abruptly a processing activity in a computer system because it is impossible or undesirable for the activity to procees. ఆపు
Abstract 1. In character recognition systems a type of symbol that, unlike a letter or numeral, has no intrinsic meaning and must be defined before it can be interpreted. 2. In programming a data type defined by the operations that can be performed on objects of t నైరూప్య, వియుక్త
Accelerator 1. In applications, a key or key combination used to perform a defined function. Also called shortcut key. 2. A hardware device that speeds or enhances the operation of one or more subsystems, leading to improved program performance. త్వరణి
Accept సరే, ఒప్పుకొను, సమ్మతించు
access 1. The act of reading data from or writing data to memory. 2. Connection to the Internet or other network or system. 2. To gain entry to memory in order to read or write data.
Account A record of essential user information that is stored on the system.. Network accounts are created by network administrators and are used both to validate users and to administer policies-for example, permissions-related to each user. ఖాతా
Active Pertaining to the device, program, file, or portion of the screen that is currently operational or subject to command operations. సక్రియ
Actor కర్త
Actuator A disk drive mechanism for moving the read/write head(s) to the location of the desired track on a disk.
Add చేర్చు
Address 1. A number specifying a location in memory where data is stored. 2. A unique code that specifies a particular computer (node) or site on the Internet or other network. 3. A code used to specify an e-mail destination. చిరునామా
Adjust సరిదిద్దు
Administration The performing of maintenance tasks on a system or network నిర్వాహణ
Aggregate మొత్తం, సముదాయం
Alarm A visual or auditory signal from a computer alerting the user to an error or hazardous situation. హెచ్చరిక
Align In an application such as a word processor, to position lines of type relative to some point, such as the page margin. The most common types of alignment are left- and right-aligned and centered. అమర్చు
Allow అనుమతించు
Alpha A software product that is under development and has enough functionality to begin testing. మొదటి (ఆల్ఫా)
alpha channel The high-order 8 bits of a 32-bit graphics pixel used to manipulate the remaining 24 bits for purposes of coloring or masking. In computer graphics, memory associated with each pixel used to store the fractional coverage of the pixel.
Analog Pertaining to a device or signal that is continuously varying in strength or quantity, such as voltage or audio, rather than based on discrete units, such as the binary digits 1 and 0.
Analysis The evaluation of a situation or problem, including review from various aspects or points of view. In computing, analysis commonly involves such features as flow control, error control, and evaluation of efficiency. విశ్లేశణ
Anchor A tag in an HTML document that defines a section of text, an icon, or other element as a link to another element in the document or to another document or file. లంగరు, మూలాధారము
AND A logical operation combining the values of two bits (0, 1) or two Boolean values (false, true) that returns a value of 1 (true) if both input values are 1 (true) and returns a 0 (false) otherwise. మరియు
Animation The simulation of movement through a rapid succession of static images. చలన చిత్రము
Anonymous On the Internet, the standard login name used to obtain access to a public FTP file archive. అనామిక
Answer mode A setting that allows a modem to answer an incoming call automatically. It is used in all fax machines. జవాబు విధానము
Antialiasing A software technique (algorithm) for smoothing the jagged appearance of curved or diagonal lines caused by poor resolution on a display screen.
Append To place or insert as an attachment by adding data to the end of a file or database or extending a character string. To attach to the end of; most often used in reference to writing a file of adding to a string.
Applet An application working inside a small window in a panel. A program that can be downloaded over the Internet and executed on the recipient's machine.
Application A software program designed to assist in the performance of a specific task or for particlar user needs, such as word processing, accounting, or inventory management.
Application Launcher A button in the panel which launches an application or executes a command when pressed.
Arc చాపము
archive A collection of several files bundled into one file by a program (such as ar, tar, bar or cpio) for shipment or archiving.
area grid
Argument An item of information following a command. It may, for example, modify the command or identify a file to be affected.
Array In programming, a list of data values, all of the same type, any element of which can be referenced by an expression consisting of the array name followed by an indexing expression. An arrangement of elements in one or more dimensions. వరుస
Arrow key The four directional keys on the numeri keypad.
Ascending order The arrangement of a sequence of items from lowest to highest, such as from 1 to 10 or from A to Z. ఆరోహణ క్రమం
Ascii American Standard Code for Information Interchange; the standard describing a collection of characters and codes (i.e. sequences of zeros and ones, or numbers) assigned to them. ASCII characters include Latin letters, common punctuation marks, some specific. When you see a mention of an 'ASCII file' or 'ASCII text' somewhere, it usually means a plain text file which only uses symbols defined in ASCII standard, with no formatting information such as fonts to be used. ASCII is defined as a standard of American National Standards Institute (ANSI); the offical reference is ANSI X3.4-1986. ఆస్కీ
aspect ratio In computer displays and graphics, the ratio of the width of an image or image area to its height. The aspect ratio is an important factor in maintaining correct proportions when an image is printed, rescaled, or incorporated into another document.
Asynchronous Without regular time relationship; unexpected and unpredictable with respect to the execution of a program's instructions.
Attachment Any file accompanying an e-mail message in a special format so that it can be viewed or saved to disk independently of the main message body. తగిలింత
Attribute In a database record, the name or structure of a field. In screen displays, an element of additional information stored with each character. In markup languages such as SGML and HTML, a name-value pair within a tagged element that modifies certain feature
Audio Relating to frequencies within the range of perception by the human ear. శబ్దం
Authentication In a multiuser or network operating system, the process by which the system validates a user's logon information.
Author Traditionally, to author meant to write a literary work or journalistic piece. In a computer context it means to create a product for implementation via computer technology; to write a computer program or to create Web pages. రచయిత
Availability In processing, the accessibility of a computer system or resource, such as a printer, in terms of usage or of the percentage of the total amount of time the device is needed. లభ్యత
Axis In a chart or other two-dimensional system using coordinates, the horizontal line (x-axis) or vertical line (y-axis) that serves as a reference for plotting points. In a three-dimensional coordinate system, a third line (z-axis) is used to represent depth అక్షము