d¶d{¨ ¹±t_{=
_²Þnm¶¹N² zeÞnøÐu}d{¨ !
d¶d{¨ ¹±t_{=
_{=Ûî¹d² p{¨©m{Çd{n¨ f½_}d{¨ !
d¶d{¨ ¹±t_{=
k{¨p{d{ k{p{d{ze¦
j}ze¦_}¹d² ¹±eN¢ o¶Ðu}d{¨ !
- Ûû Ûû, 2-6-1933

Contribute to Sveccha

Want to chat with your family/friends in Telugu?

Frustrated at not being able to send an email in Telugu?

Tired of downloading different fonts at different Telugu web sites?

Seeing garbled characters on the right instead of "Jayabheri" by Sri Sri?

Want to do something about it and help Telugu become a "first-class citizen" on the Net? You don't even have to be a programmer to help.

Well, you are not alone and you have certainly come to the right place. We felt the same way and that's why we started this project. But, since this is a volunteer-driven project, we are always looking for helping hands.

We are looking for help in several areas.


As a first step, we are trying to translate existing Open Source Software - Linux, Mozilla, Open Office etc. - to Telugu. This is known as Localisation . For this, we need the help of people who are good in Telugu and are enthusiastic about wanting software in Telugu. You do not need to be a Telugu pandit or have a great vocabulary in Telugu to do the translations. We believe that Localisation and/or Translation involves more than knowing words or being able to look up words in the dictionary. It also involves conveying the proper meaning even if it means choosing a different set of words and/or using a different metaphor. What's important is making software accessible to people from all walks of life.

So, if you feel that you could help us with this task, there are three ways of going about it:

  1. The easiest way is to go to the Translations Page and fill out the form with translations for words whose Telugu equivalent is known to you.
  2. Go to the Downloads page and download the file that you want to translate. Once you have the file, you can do the translations even if you are offline. But you need special software and fonts to make this work. Chandra Kanth Chereddi has excellent instructions on his home page.
  3. Send us an email with the translations.


So far, all of us working on this project are application programmers. This is the first time we are dealing at the Operating System level. Fonts, glyphs, character coding etc. are new to us like it is for a lot of application programmers. If you have expertise in any of these areas, or if you are good in C/C++, we would love your help. One of the biggest areas where we would need help initially is to get support for Telugu going in Pango.

Also, if you are a web developer, with experience in PHP, MySQL, Perl and HTML, we would love to hear from you.


If you are computer savvy, want to take risks and have lots of time to spare :), you can help by downloading and trying out the software. Oh, and don't forget to fill out bug reports.

Alternatively, you can proof-read the words that have already been translated and email us suggestions.


We need help writing User guides and manuals.